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American Guardsman is a division of Warrior Run Services. We specialize in distribution of safety and security products. In today's changing world the safety and security of you and your loved ones is very important. American Guardsman was created to fulfill the needs of many ordinary citizens who don't have access to some hi tech equipment used by law enforcements worldwide.

Most people ignore the safety and security products which are readily available to them until a significant event occurs in their life. When considering an individual security and safety, lethal weapons dominate every other thing on the market but unfortunately these weapons are meant to be used by trained professionals and law enforcement. However an individual without prior weapons or firearms experience and training lacks the access to it. 

Crime is inevitable but protection from crime is evitable. Your home and cars can be protected from security systems but how about protecting you and your family weather young, old, male or female. Pepper sprays and Stun guns are readily available and useful protection devices for you and your family when out of house, walking, jogging or going to places where you don't feel safe. These devices do not permanently harm your assailants but will temporarily disable them and gives you a chance to escape from the situation. 

We carry 100's of items apart from Stun guns and Pepper sprays to keep you safe.

Before you buy Stun guns or Tasers check with your local and state regulations for legalities carrying these kind of personal protection devices.


Be Safe Be Secure.