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  • Tumultuous times

    We are in a period where safety is getting scarce. Safety in society, safety in community, safety on roads, safety in parks, safety on streets, safety at work places, safety at places of worship, safety at ball fields, and most important safety in our schools and education systems.

    As citizens of this new era it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our family with a safer and non violent tools.  Statistics shows that every 20 seconds crime is committed and burglary happens every 10 seconds. Everyone should have some knowledge of protecting themselves and their loved ones on street or in home to prevent the intrusion. Safety and security should be on every ones mind weather you are young or old.

    We have always heard from people and even authorities that never walk by yourself  to your car or at a train station late at night. Many times we have tendencies to ignore these warnings but most of the times, these kind of incidents happens in early morning or late evening hours.

    Your home is your castle and protecting your castle is very important. There are many ways you can protect your home, with high tech security systems, surveillance camera systems etc, but sometimes simple devices and common sense goes a long way and deter the intruders.

    Now a days car safety is also one major issue, specially when you are driving and something happens. In such cases it is your word against your opponent unless you can prove it lawfully in court of law.

    There are many non-lethal weapons available on the market today that will surpass your basic objectives of protection.

  • Diversion Safes, Unique Looks

    Cool looking Hidden Safes for your Hot items.

    Saturday night and the folks are out enjoying with friends and family, that's the time crooks like to invade. Once they invade your house the next thing is they look for the valuables. On an average the thieves spent less than 8 minutes to do their job, why only 8 minutes because they are experts in what they do (really bad things). Burglary rate is skyrocketting in some states 1000 incidents per 100000 homes, that means 1 out of every 10 homes will be burglarized.

    No homes and no areas are safe, even the so called gated communities are at risk. Once the thieves are in, your job is to protect your valuables and most important if you have some cash or precious jewelery. There are numerous ways to make your castle a safer place by installing a CCTV, high tech alarm system or by just having a guard dog. Alarm system will alert the police and also your neighbors and will deter the crooks but once again these crooks will do their job in minutes and will be out of your house, but once inside they might still have time to grab your precious items and run, if you've left all your cash and jewelry in an obvious place.

    There are numerous places where you can stash your valuables without being noticed and can be left along with other items in a common place that will not give any hint to the intruders. Diversion Safes are most logical items that will most likely be bypassed by the thieves if they are in right places. These Safes comes in many different looks and being the intruder having limited time on their hands will most likely will ignore it or bypass. For example a Diversion safe that looks like a Coke can can be left along with other Coke cans in a pantry full of groceries.

  • Super door stop Alarm

    Your home is your castle. Protecting your home is the priority nowadays. When you are sleeping at night or out of your house security of your house is key. There are very sophisticated systems out there that will protect you and your family. It mainly depends on your needs and level of protection you need. Research say that most likely the burglars will use your front door to break in, that will be the entry point. There are numerous proven protection system out there but one that stands out is Super door stop Alarm, which is mainly used when you and your loved ones are inside the house. This automatically activates and sends a loud siren which sill deter any intruders and at the same time will alert you inside your house. This system is very portable and useful, will work for any house doors or even for a small apartments. This product is easily available from americanguardsman.

  • Self Defense With Non Lethal Techniques

    Crime can happen anywhere anytime, the idea is not to be a victim of that crime. You should be capable to fight back or defend yourself.

    The so called "Experts" sometime will advise you not to fight back but instead comply temporarily with the criminal and call for help or call the police if you can. Of course the Law enforcement people are the first responders and certainly there is some time taken by them to arrive depending on the place where you live or or the scene of a crime. It is little bit risky sometimes to wait for them to arrive, things can go completely wrong by the time they arrive.

    Sometime playing along with the criminal to buy some time is also a game which gets little complicated if you are not a professional negotiator, In this situation the ultimate choice is to defend yourself.

    How you defend yourself is totally up to you, someone one will argue that if they get attacked they will simply kill the opponent, but most of the time it is not easier to kill your opponent or the person attacking you even in a self-defense situation. Why? truly speaking most of us are not prepared to take the life of other human being even in a self-defense.

    There are also many legal implications if you kill someone even in a self-defense scenario. Even if you don't get any criminal charges against you there is a possibility that there might be civil liability, legal expenses and other expenses that can linger on for many years before the situation is resolved completely.

    Besides killing someone, there are many Non-lethal methods for you to defend yourself without carrying a moral dilemma of taking someone’s life.

    Some common forms of Non-lethal self-defense are

    1) Avoiding crime is the best option. Unless you are in a perfect world you cannot avoid the crime or being a target of the crime. So avoid areas that are prone to crime specially walking at night, jogging in the park or walking back home alone from a secluded places. Yes there are places and situations that are inherently safer than other but relying merely on avoidance is not an overall solution. You still need to be able to defend yourself.

    2) Verbal self-defense is also a good option, screaming, yelling, getting aggressive in tone and threatening your attacker verbally can quiet the situation. Most attackers do not want any attention they will walk away.

    3) The most effective and common option to defend yourself is to have some non-lethal self-protection devices with you that comes in real handy. Items like Personal alarms, Pepper sprays, Stun guns etc. works very well in certain situation and could be a real benefit if carried along with you.

    4) Lastly learn some self-defense techniques. You don't have to be a master or a pro to defend yourself but certain moves such as eye jabs or shin kicks works excellent if have been even practicing at home.

    Ultimately to defend yourself is your right and responsibility both.

    Be Safe Be Secured.

    American Guardsman

  • What Survival means in Today's world

    In primitive times the term survival was a part of daily life. In today's time we live in our modern and techno houses whereas the same word "Survival" in today's times is not limited to Backpacker, Outdoors men, or a Sports enthusiasts any more. How can we define Survival in modern times ?

    Survival skills are inevitable today when we talk about storms, earthquakes, floods, mudslides or when a person is forced into a dangerous situation when a natural disaster happens.

    One should practice their survival skills on a regular basis such as to avoid getting lost, how to construct a shelter, how to make a survival kit, how to make fire, access to a clean and safe water in any given dangerous situations.

    The main focus should be on fulfilling basic needs like food, water and shelter weather you are in an urban area or any remote place.

    In order for someone to survive, food is the main thing that we need. Food gives the needed energy to struggle in that situation and sustains the survival period. Foods like high in protein and fiber with low fat are very useful in situations like this. Access to food is not the only thing, but sometimes certain foods needs to be cooked properly for human consumption. In those scenarios apparatus such as solar cooking equipment is much helpful and comes in handy.

    Water is the next thing. Safe and clean water is a must. In certain situations there is access to water but not clean water, now in those situations one should have a knowledge or know how techniques to make the water safe and clean. Certain quick filtration equipment are useful and also some traditional ways to make the water drinkable helps. Always make sure that any water collected in desert areas through condensation method should be brought to boiling point before using it. Staying hydrated by means of coffee, tea or any unsweetened or sweetened beverages with an artificial sweetener like Splenda, Sweet N Low, and Equal is also fine.

    This leads to another critical survival skill which is Fire. To survive in certain extreme conditions without fire becomes impossible so using traditional methods of creating fire by rubbing two rocks or make fire with dry wood stick skills are helpful but having a fire starter kit will make life much more easier in those conditions.

    Having a roof above your head protects you from snow, rain or even extreme heat. Knowing how to build a quick shelter with four sticks, properly constructing it and making it stable is very critical in those conditions. Using ponchos or creating one is also not a bad idea.

    To be prepared for any unexpected situation you should always keep a First aid kit to prevent you from any cuts and bruises including any insect bites.

    All the Survival Skills are environment specific and requires specific training in a particular environment but for a common person facing life and death situation from any unexpected natural disaster, having basic skills is much helpful. Knowledge of survival techniques keeps you out of danger in most circumstances. Try your best to hone your survival knowledge such as knowing navigation, creating fire, getting and cooking food and water for risk free consumption and creating shelters. Also certain activities and hobbies like Swimming, Climbing and use of makeshift tools can contribute immensely in those dangerous conditions.

    In short be prepared, Be Safe, Be Secure is our motto at www.americanguardsman.com

  • Pepper Spray, Most Non-lethal Weapon for Protection

    In today's world everyone has a sense of uncertainty arising out of past and current events happening around us. The rules of engagements are same of everyone, unfortunately. We as a human being think always to do good and expect the same in return from others. We need to cultivate the confidence and be prepared to defend ourselves when someone threatens you physically and is aggressive towards you. Possession of Pepper spray somewhat eases the fear and boost your confidence.

    For example when you are driving a car, do you think that something can happen to you and put you in a dangerous situation? Of course there are incidents that will occur and we cannot prevent all of them. Here we are talking someone physically threatening you and worst yet attempting to car jack your vehicle. Car is an object or a thing that can be easily replaced but when you are in the car or to say if you have your loved ones in that car it becomes a different story completely.

    Pepper spray as small as 1/2 oz can be clipped on your car visor that is easily accessible and can prevent certain dangerous situation when someone tries to car jack and being taken somewhere to be raped, can also be prevented.

    We constantly worry when one of our female relatives are out and bigger worry is when you have daughter off to college. With the education being stretched out far and beyond in terms of learning and also with extended mobility the scenario gets much wider. Now a days Pepper sprays comes in various designs to disguise the attacker. Pepper spray in a form of lipstick is completely unexpected, where it can be easily pulled out of the pocket book, remove the top and give him a blast of pepper spray in the face.

    Keeping Pepper spray in a purse is always good, but carrying such thing on a belt clip or even a key-chain gives you a greater flexibility. Make it even better, how about a Pepper spray in a Pen form? Who would think twice of having Pepper spray in Pen? The pen can be easily clipped on to a pocket or keep it in a purse. Pen pepper spray is a unique self-defense device that will not raise any suspicions until the attacker gets a taste of it. Carrying anyone of these common items will not make you stand out in the crowd period.

    Security and self-defense devices like these are like insurance and we always hope not to use it ever, but always good to have it for some unforeseen dangerous situations.

    There are laws out there that dictate carrying Pepper sprays with you and you must always check with your local, state and even federal laws before using or carrying these devices.

    We at American Guardsman are always ready to help you and your loved ones constantly being protected. You can find out more about visiting at http://www.americanguardsman.com

  • Pepper spray saves me from being robbed

    In today's world security is the most important thing on your mind, specially if you are a female of any age. Pepper sprays are available in different sizes and different strengths. Some are good to tuck it in your purse or carry on with your key chain. The most versatile will be to have it on your key chain since emergency can arise any time and you never know when you will be using it. If you are in a more crowded place chances are that the need will not arise versus if you are walking alone getting to your car at dawn or dusk or even jogging in a park. In short it is always wise to have it handy. Please watch the video below to understand the power of  Pepper spray.


    My name is Diego, and I'm from Argentina. Here the laws regarding the carrying of arms are very strict, in fact, it is almost impossible to carry a gun. Carrying knives is something not allowed. So I had to choose a non-lethal option permitted by local laws. Thus, a while ago, I decided to shared a pepper spray ... Yesterday I suffered an attempted robbery rather dangerous. I feel saved my life and I owe part of this powerful spray. This is what happened to me:

    Last night i was way back home from my university, I took the train and i was enjoying the trip reading a new book... 10 minutes before the train stop in the station (where i go out) a men sits in the right place, next to me. He start to ask me for money... I said: No, i don't have... He continues ask me for money and begins to speak more rudely. I keep saying than i don't have money... But he didn't stop.... The thing was starting to getting bad... He start to threatening me... I sit up and walk to the door (the train was entering the station), He stands up, walk closer me and start to threatening me ,but more aggressively. He say: My friends will come from the next wagon and we gonna beat you.. I start to feeling afraid. I say again than i don't have money... And he say than he's got a gun, and he doesn't have anything to loose, so i search in my pocket and gave him 1.5 $ (I don't have more money in that moment...) He keeps threatening me... and he say: when we go out you will know the evil... In that moment i was really really afraid... Then the the train stops, he walks closer to the door, i take the chances and go to another door... and left the train... but he also go down.. he walks closer to me and i that moment i took my pepper spray from my pocket and sprayed him in the face.... Lucky it was a accurate shot... he covers his face and i start to running as fastest i can, away from that situation... I feel than i save my life and my things..

    Besides that.. i think than it was the best way to avoid the situation, having a gun or a knife would have made things worse.In this case the nonlethal option works great. Also having a hand to hand combat would have made things even worse (I have more than 4 years of training in boxing). Don't misunderstand me... I'm not against carrying guns or knives, just in this situation would have been worse ... Attributed to https://www.edcforums.com/threads/pepper-spray-last-night-save-my-life.72996/


  • Stun guns Vs Tasers Key Facts

    Tasers are mainly used by law enforcement to tackle and handle a dangerous opponent. It basically fires 2 darts that are primarily attached to the device itself and shoots out like a string emitting electrical charge that disables the opponent by disturbing their brain functions that controls the muscular system in the body. This is called neuromuscular incapacitation and literally disables the opponent giving the chance to user by running away in a potential dangerous situation.

    Tasers can come with a single shot cartridge or multiple cartridge options and are specifically designed to use up to 35 feet for law enforcement use and roughly 15 feet for non-law enforcement community and general consumers.

    Whereas on other hand a stun gun produces a high voltage, low amperage current which stuns or more likely shocks the target and creates an intense painful situation for the person on whom it is being used. The force that is packed on to the stun gun will rapidly disable any opponent or attacker by depleting their blood sugar levels and turning into lactic acid in their body within matter of 3 to 5 seconds. This gives the chance to the user by running away quickly from a potential hazardous situation. Stun guns works good in an area where heavy concentration of nerves in the body are, such as stomach, neck, groin, hips etc. Also it is safer to use stun gun when an intruder is in direct contact with the user. It will not shock or electrocute the user. The damage caused by stun gun is temporary and is considered as one of the non-lethal option versus using any fire arms.

    Now a days stun guns comes in various shapes, size and colors. The strength of these non-lethal weapon comes in a variety of voltages from 100,000 to 12 million volts. There are stun guns that looks like and LED flashlight, cell phones or even as lip stick. There are also many trendy designs for users who demand something more stylish and versatile. One should always check with their state, city and other local laws that controls these kind of weapons before buying one.

    We at Amercan Guardsman carry variety of Stun guns and Tasers for professional and non-professional uses. www.americanguardsman.com

  • Why you need Pepper Sprays

    Traditionally speaking Pepper sprays are considered non-lethal or less than lethal weapon that is most commonly used by person under duress. A step above the Pepper spray is Stun Gun (check your states law before buying one ). Many states have now legalized the use of Stun Guns since they don't require any permits as such for fire arms and also is considered non-lethal, that prevents the victim and also doesn't cause any permanent damage to the attacker.

    In the age of "do it yourself," more and more people are taking safety into their own hands. Pepper spray is a great, easy tool to use, but only if it's strong enough.

    There are several types of pepper spray. They all fit into two spray categories: stream or cone. Chad Martin runs the security company Elite Protection Group or EPG. He said stream spray cans can usually spray farther, but you'll need better aim.

    "Problem with that is that law enforcement, they're trained to use it," said Martin. "It works a lot better for them because it's a smaller impact area, but if you're a young lady, and you're under duress and you're scared, you've got to have a little more motor control to hit your target."

    Martin said cone spray cans have a wider spread, but keep in mind that it could not only affect your attacker, but you.

    We wanted to see what would really happen so we sprayed EPG tactics specialist Scott O'Brien. After we sprayed him, it took O'Brien 30 minutes of being doused with water before he could finally open his eyes.

    "What he's feeling is the burning on my skin," Martin said. "So that's where your pain compliance comes in. It's painful. He can't see you. The lungs start trying to expel it."

    In a real situation, EPG experts warn that you first warn your potential attacker, second spray them, and then run.

    You should also make sure you have a strong enough can of pepper spray.

    "That's exactly why we encourage people, you just don't buy anything off the shelf," Martin said. "Because a lot of those other formulas. He could have kept walking three, four, five seconds. He could have gotten a hold of you. Because this stuff. It drops them instantly."

    Pepper spray can expire. That means it won't be as strong or work at all. Each can should have an expiration date on it. Typically it's between three to four years after you buy it.

    American Guardsman website has pepper sprays with 18% active ingredients, which is most commonly allowable strength by law.

    Attribute: Kimberly Holmes Fox-19 OH.

  • Why You Need Home Protection Equipment

    Getting home protection equipment can seem costly, but not getting them at all would cost you even more than you know because your home houses everything that is dear to you. And you stand to lose much if you don't pay attention to getting home protection equipment that work.

    Safety lights, diversion safes, taker and personal protection kits are all part of the protection equipment that we have provided at American Guardsman to meet with your everyday security needs.

    Here are some of the reasons why you need to get yourself quality home protection equipment

    1. Keeps your home and family safe from intruders.
    This is in fact the biggest reason why any home owner should have home protection equipment that works. Giving your family protection from intruders is a big responsibility for you. Having safety equipment like our super door post alarm and safety lights can be a wonderful way to start securing your family from intruders.

    2. Protects your valuables.
    You are always collecting and purchasing items that are useful and valuable to you. From time to time, you will be inclined to make big ticket purchases. These are what define who you are and what accomplishments you've made. You don't want to go through the pain of having burglars cart away your priced possessions and that's why you need our diversion safes to keep the attention of intruders away from your highly prized possession.

    3. To remotely keep an eye on your home.
    For many home owners, the ability to keep an eye on their home even when they are away is priceless. Technology now allows you plant hidden cameras in your home and watch happenings from anywhere through your Mobile device.
    You want to take charge of your home even when you are away and that's why we've provided you with our high definition surveillance systems to do the watching for you when you are far from home.

    4. Gives your family peace of mind.
    Having sound home protection equipment gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that you are fully secured from intruders.
    When home owners that are elderly or incapacitated are frequently left home alone, this peace of mind becomes invaluable. The knowledge that your home protection equipment will help notify and dispatch authorities to your home when needed is enough to give you a level of peace that's can't be defined.

    As a house owner, the need to pay attention to personal and home security cannot be overemphasized. You are either paying for security equipment or you are paying for the damages that not having them can cause.

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